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    The overall purpose of ILVI is to bring USD faculty and students together with community partners to co-create and develop innovative and sustainable course-based collaborations in Linda Vista. These collaborations can potentially extend across a wide range of disciplines and academic units on campus and across multiple sectors in the community. They collectively aim to create for positive and meaningful social change.


    Linda Vista is a small neighborhood located in the city of San Diego. This neighborhood is rich in history and ethnic diversity. Linda Vista is made up of approximately 32,000 people of 24 distinct cultures and 38 language dialects. The Impact Linda Vista Initiative seeks to put the spotlight on the many local and pioneering programs taking place in the heart of the community.

  • Three basic principles guide ILVI

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    1) We work in ethical solidarity with all participants with whom we collectively co-create and implement the initiatives;

    2) We seek to continually think about ways in which the course-based initiatives will go beyond the current academic year; and

    3) Just as collaboration regularly takes place across the non-profit, private, and public sectors, we promote the possible cross-fertilization among the different courses and community partners involved. This entails sharing ideas and approaches across disciplines, departments, and academic units. This type of inter- and trans-disciplinary collaboration has great potential for producing innovative approaches to social issues and for building a strong network across the university and the community.