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Carson Elementary STEAM

Perla Myers, PhD

Professor, Mathematics
Special Assistant to the Dean

College of Arts and Sciences

This year is the third year in which we collaborate with Carson STEAM Magnet to create and implement two STEAM FAMILY events, one in the fall and one in the spring. USD students conceive of activities based on the main concepts covered in their classes to engage Carson elementary students and their families. This ILVI provides an opportunity for many students and Linda Vista families to come together and engage with each other. It gives our students the chance to synthesize the materials covered in their classes or to explore new concepts, as they translate these into activities for the students and their families at Carson STEAM Magnet. It also invites them to become active participants in the community, learning from the richness of our Linda Vista neighborhood. For Carson STEAM Magnet students, it provides exposure to college students, to fun, interactive activities, and to the integrative nature of all of these disciplines.