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    What types of engagement do the initiatives involve?

    The overall purpose of ILVI is to bring USD faculty, staff, and students together with community partners to co-create and develop innovative and sustainable course-based or project-based collaborations in Linda Vista and surrounding areas. These collaborations can potentially extend across a wide range of disciplines and academic units on campus and across multiple sectors in the community. They collectively aim to create for positive and meaningful social change. We welcome the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss possibilities with you.

    What support is provided for each initiative?

    Each faculty member who participates in ILVI will receive a stipend, and each community partner receives a matching stipend. The participants may choose to use the funding to cover initiative expenses rather than as stipends. ILVI’s co-directors strive to provide guidance and support for all the initiatives, and both the Mulvaney Center and the Changemaker Hub provide additional support for the initiatives.

    What criteria are used to evaluate proposals?

    There are four criteria: 1) projected positive impact in the community and in student learning; 2) potential for sustainability into the future; 3) potential for creating an equitable and mutually beneficial partnership in the community; and 4) successful co-creation session(s) with faculty member(s) and community partner(s).

    What expectations and outcomes are there for participants?

    Typically, a few meetings will be necessary with faculty members and community partners for the co-creation process and, thereafter, for the development and implementation of the initiative. The expected outcomes for both student learning and positive impact in the community should be clearly identified in the co-creation sessions and made explicit. We convene one required collective gathering with all the ILVI participants near the end of each semester. The deliverables may take many different forms depending on the nature of the collaboration. We encourage the faculty member and community partner to develop the deliverable(s) during co-creation sessions.

    Who is eligible to apply?

    All USD faculty members are eligible to apply. In addition, USD staff members whose work with students aligns with all the aforementioned principles are eligible. All community partners (former, current, or potentially new) are eligible to apply. The initiatives must be course- or project-based collaborations that involve USD students. Previous ILVI participants are welcome to apply. If you are a previous participant, please indicate if this proposal is a new initiative or a continuation of a previous project; in the case of the latter, clearly explain how the initiative builds upon the previous work and will be strengthened. Faculty applicants do not need to identify a community partner ahead of time in order to apply, although they are welcome to do so.

    What is the deadline for applying?

    The semester cycle aligns with the academic calendar of the university. A call for proposals is distributed for each semester. We seek to provide sufficient time for project ideation, co-creation sessions, and planning for implementation. Some initiatives are implemented in the current or immediate semester, whereas others are designed for future semesters. We also have an open rolling cycle that enables applicants to apply for ILVI support at any time for collaborations that are currently in progress or outside the semester cycle.

    What is the next step to apply?

    To apply please send us a message at the e-mails indicated on the "Connect" page, and we’ll send you the full call for proposals. We’re happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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