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Access Community Center

Antonieta Mercado

College of Arts & Sciences

In this initiative the students from Dr. Mercado's COMM 380 course on International Media
collaborate with at Access Community Center in several different programs: the Mixtec
Garden, Familia Indígena, and the Youth Mentoring Program. In Familia Indígena,
participants learn about indigenous traditions and the Mixteco language for their children,
most of them schooled in the United States in English with little or no Mixteco and Spanish
languages experience. USD students will work in the garden, document the use of the plants,
write community recipes, and promote the organization of the Garden Harvest Festival. The
overall purpose of the initiative is to preserve community and linguistic knowledge for the
future generations, and to make that knowledge interact with university knowledge in the
hopes of establishing a permanent non-hierarchichal collaboration between USD and the
Mixteco community in Linda Vista.