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Evelyn Diaz Cruz
College of Arts & Sciences

This course, offered in the Spring 2018, is a non-traditional approach to creating theatre in
cooperation with a community partner working with domestic violence survivors. Students
and community partners in this course will be supported in experimenting within specific
guidelines towards a collaborative theatre production. This would include the basics of writing
for the stage, directing, acting, designing and ultimately staging. Theatre, perhaps more than
any other field of study, is influenced and created by the people who inspire it. To that end,
this class is a celebration of being human and explores how issues of race, privilege, gender,
sexual orientation, and able-bodied perceptions inform our point of view. This class seeks to
tell honest stories that advocate for a more just society. Story telling, improvisation and
theatre games to spark creativity. Students and community partners will be given guidance
towards creating a final evening of one-acts hosted at the University of San Diego’s
Vassiliades’ Black Box Theatre.