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Carson Elementary STEAM Magnet School

Perla Myers, Susie Babka, Alex Mejía

College of Arts & Sciences and Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering

This began as a two-course proposal but grew into an LLC-wide initiative through the co-
creation process with community partners at Carson Elementary, principal Courtney

Young and STEAM resource teacher Erica Lynn, and a group of three USD faculty from
the Innovate Living Learning Community: Perla Myers (Mathematics), Susie Babka
(Theology and Religious Studies), and Alex Mejía (Engineering). The initiative will
culminate with a Family Night of Innovation at Carson on Tuesday, November 13 (4:00-
7:00 pm). Teams of USD students from classes in the Innovate LLC will be working with
the children from Carson during the semester in order to develop hands-on, minds-on
activities for the children (and their families) at different grade levels. There are a number
of different general topics and areas that may be included in the activities: folding
activities; the Carson garden; the different cultural heritages of the students; sustainability
and the environment; among many others.