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Montgomery Middle School

Marcy Darby, Judy Liu

College of Arts & Sciences

This joint partnership between USD and Montgomery Middle School (MMS) is a continuation
project from ILVI Spring 2017. The initial project included two USD classes (BIOL 113 –
Marcelle Darby and SOC 412 – Judith Liu) collaborating with Emalyn Leppard at
Montgomery Middle School. Renewal of an ILVI will enable the two professors to continue
collaborating with Ms. Leppard. MMS is one of the school sites selected to be part of a $22
million dollar federal grant to create a magnet school with a STEAM emphasis. Ms. Leppard,
Education Specialist, is the STEAM Resource Teacher and Garden/Health & Wellness
Coordinator for the grant. BIOL 113 students, with Professor Darby’s supervision and
guidance, will continue to prepare and teach lessons in the class and garden. Professor Liu has
integrated a community building/health and wellness project in SOC 310 – US Society, a
course in the new Engage theme, Transfer Learning Community.