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Diane Keeling

College of Arts & Sciences

This initiative involves a new course on “Podcasting” taught by Dr. Keeling that will be
offered in conjunction with a new story-driven podcast that is being launched by the official
changemaker/humanities center at USD. One segment of the podcast episodes will document
people, relationships, organizations, and stories of the Linda Vista community. The students in
the class will be broken up into different teams of three to four students. Each team would
then be in charge of producing a podcast segment around a story from Linda Vista. To build
their stories, the students will spend time with their community partners throughout the
semester so that they can craft a dynamic story about who they are and how they form part of
the community. The overarching theme for all the podcasts produced will be housing, and a
wide range of perspectives on the topic will be included. Students and other USD members
will benefit from the podcast through perspective-taking, which will enable them to have a
richer understanding of our larger community. With regards to the impact on the community,
in addition to highlighting many different voices and stories, the series of podcasts may

potentially be used in advocating efforts focused on access, equitable, and community-
identified needs related to housing in Linda Vista.