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Carson Elementary STEAM Magnet School

Perla Myers, Susie Babka

College of Arts & Sciences

This began as a two-course proposal last year, but has grown into an LLC-wide initiative through the co-creation process with community partners at Carson Elementary, principal Courtney Young and STEAM resource teacher Erica Lynn, and a couple of USD faculty from the Innovate Living Learning Community: Perla Myers (Mathematics) and Susie Babka (Theology and Religious Studies). The initiative will culminates with a Family Night of Innovation at Carson.

Teams of USD students from classes in the Innovate LLC will be working with the children from Carson during the semester in order to develop hands-on, minds-on activities for the children (and their families) at different grade levels.

There are a number of different general topics and areas that may be included in the activities: folding activities; the Carson garden; the different cultural heritages of the students; sustainability and the environment; among many others. The initiative has expanded to include students from Kearny High School, too.