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Tezeru Teshome

Diversity Postdoctoral Faculty

College of Arts & Sciences

In Prof. Teshome's THEA 494 Making 21st Legislative Theatre course--inspired by Augusto Boal's "legislative theatre" and other revolutionary acts and theorizations--students will learn how to use performance and civic knowledge to access and establish shared governance in the public administration of education as juvenile justice. The students develop a social and structural understanding of local juvenile public administration and use Boal's techniques to turn case studies into short performances where their peers and audience members (also consisting of juvenile justice personnel) are encouraged to participate by offering realistic interventions, thus theoretically reimagining how reality could look. USD and Community School students will collaborate with Youthwill, an organization dedicated to building youth power, improving youth development, and demanding youth prioritization. The collaboration will be linked to Youthwill's ongoing campaigns and transitional age youth actions teams.