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Linda Vista Farmers Market

Aarti Ivanic

School of Business

This initiative is a continuation from 2016-2017, when Ivanic's marketing research class
worked with the manager of the Linda Vista Farmers Market with the purpose of
expanding the customer base by getting USD students, faculty, and staff to shop there
more regularly. The Linda Vista Farmers Market offers a variety of fresh produce,
prepared hot foods, baked goods, plants, jewelry and more. The main patrons of the
market are individuals living in the Linda Vista neighborhood. In Spring 2017, Ivanic's
class helped defined a clear research question, delivered a final written report, and
presented their findings (and promotional materials) to the manager for implementation.
This semester her students will be working with the new market managers to build on the
previous work carried by identifying new research questions, conducting further
research, and implementing additional measures to expand the customer base.