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Bayside Community Center

Necla Tschirgi, PhD

Peace Studies

In Spring 2016, four undergraduate students in the Peace & Justice Studies capstone course did their capstones on the history and evolution of Bayside as part of ILVI. The students interacted with Bayside staff and community members during the semester and each produced one section of a collective, yet incohesive report. During Summer 2016, a student and I consolidated the report that Bayside staff seeks to further expand and prepare for publication, and use as one of the background documents for a forthcoming public event. Spring 2017 students in the same capstone course will now pick up where last year's ended. In addition to further research and writing, students will include oral histories and community voices in the report. As before, my students and I will work closely with Bayside to ensure that our work feeds into and meets their priorities.