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Access Community Center

Robin Roberts, Soroya Rowley

College of Arts & Sciences

This initiative is the continuation of a collaboration started by Professor Evelyn Diaz Cruz
in Spring 2018 and based on her course THEA 475, Theatre and Community. This
course is a non-traditional approach to creating theatre in cooperation with a community
partner, which, in this case, works with domestic violence survivors and/or immigrants.
Students in this course and community partners, the clients from Access, are supported in
experimenting within specific guidelines towards a collaborative theatre production. This
includes the basics of writing for the stage, directing, acting, designing and ultimately
staging. Theatre, perhaps more than any other field of study, is influenced and created by
the people who inspire it. To that end, this class is a celebration of being human and
explores how issues of race, privilege, gender, sexual orientation, and able-bodied
perceptions inform our point of view. This class seeks to tell honest stories that advocate
for a more just society.