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Access Community Center

Topher McDougal

Kroc School of Peace Studies

This initiative is a collaboration between McDougal's graduate course SOIN 520,
Innovation Evaluation, and Access Community Center. This course focuses on equipping
Master of Arts in Social Innovation (MASI) students with basic tools to evaluate social
innovation programs and to translate the increasingly sophisticated world of program
research (also called Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation, or DME) to the social
innovation and entrepreneurship space. It features case studies, hands-on exercises, and
specialist guest lectures to develop familiarity with planning tools, evaluation types and
designs, metrics and indicators, data collection methods, and human subjects research
ethics. The collaboration with Access includes several different potential modalities:
MASI students providing non-technical presentations on 501(c)3, non-profit startups,
leadership, and management to Access Microenterprise participants; Access staff attending
one or more sessions of the SOIN 520 course in order to augment capacity in specific
areas; Access programs serving as touchstone examples for discussions or as workshop
subjects; linking MASI student capstone projects to Access programs; field trips to Access
at different points during the semester; among others.